Rash guards are super lightweight and offer a variety of benefits for anyone who wants to be active in the water. Whether you surf, swim, dive, or paddleboard, there’s a rash guard for you!

What are rash guards?

The material is usually made of wicking fabric, such as polyester or lycra, which is designed to help keep the wearer warm, dry, and protected from the sun’s harmful rays. Rash guards also provide a layer of insulation from cold water and air. They are generally worn in and around the water, but can also be used for other activities such as yoga, running, or cycling.

What Does a Rash Guard Do?

A rash guard is a type of athletic shirt made of spandex, nylon, or polyester. It is designed to protect the wearer from abrasion and sunburn caused by prolonged exposure to the sun, as well as from scrapes and chafing caused by contact sports or other activities. Rash guards also provide protection from stings and bites from jellyfish, sea lice, and other aquatic creatures. In addition, some rash guards are designed to provide UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Why rash guard is better than t-shirt?

Rash guards are better than t-shirts because they are made with a special fabric that blocks the sun’s UV rays and provides more excellent protection from the sun. They are also designed to be lightweight and comfortable and provide a snug fit that helps reduce drag in the water. Finally, rash guards are designed to be quick-drying so you can stay comfortable in and out of the water.

Do Rash Guards Have UV Protection?

Yes, many rash guards have UV protection. These specifically designed garments are typically made with a material resistant to UV radiation, blocking out the sun’s harmful rays and helping to prevent sunburn. The UV protection rating (UPF) of the rash guard will be displayed on the garment’s tag.

Benefits of Rash Guards

Wearing a rash guard every time you hit the water is not a new concept, but it seems like more and more people are discovering the benefits of wearing rash guards. Whether you’re just starting out in the sport and you’re worried about the fit, or you’ve been surfing for a while and you’ve just never considered what a rash guard might do for you in the water, this is the post for you.

Can Kids Wear Rash Guards?

Kids can wear rash guards. Rash guards are a popular choice for swimming and other water sports because they provide protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reduce chafing and rashes, and provide some insulation against the cold. Rash guards are available for children of all sizes, so finding one that fits your child should not be a problem.


When it comes to finding the best rash guards, you need to look at the factors that will help your body the most. Look for moisture-wicking material for sweat management and UV protection for skin preservation. Rash guards are available in a variety of weights, from lightweight to heavy-duty, so you can choose what works best for your water sport or activity. Most rash guards are unisex with only minor variances (usually fit) between genders. Whether you’re a serious athlete or just getting into some summer fun in the water, rash guard options give you ultimate UV protection and water repellency without sacrificing style.

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