Swim vests come in several sizes and are normally constructed of a neoprene material to help with both buoyancy and warmth. The vest normally zips up the front and often has a strap that goes between the legs and buckles to the vest to keep it securely on your child.

These vests are great for children learning to swim with close adult supervision. They can help give your child confidence in the water without being cumbersome or uncomfortable.

No matter your situation, it’s important to teach your children the importance of water safety before you even set foot in a pool or lake. This knowledge combined with the appropriate flotation device might just save their life.

Also, parents should never count on a life jacket or other PFD but should always be present and observant while children are swimming.

Water activities can be a great summer family activity, but always remember your flotation devices, and help your children have a fun and safe summer.

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